NewSea J126f Climax retextures + all ages

angles in bodyshop

Mesh Newsea cluded (all ages by me)
Textures by Pooklet
Colors Pooklet, Io & Lilith
Model by me - Rosanna

Well, I convert this hair as soon as it was published on the Newsea's website. I did not know that Lina also wants to convert it. Anyway, I decided to share this beautiful hair retextures. (:
All naturals colors by Pooklet, Io's colors + eva colors. Binned and familied. Elders linked as black. Compressorized.
Works for all ages.

Я смотрю и поражаюсь каждый раз! твои модели обалденные, всегда завершенные образы, аксессуары это вообще ах! сижу и каждый раз ловлю себя на мысли "хочу эти серьги! откуда они") ты большая молодец, спасибо тебе за твою работу! :)